Those We Love and What They Hide

By J. Marie (November 2020)

If you bury secrets deep enough, like at the bottom of a river blanketed in ice and snow, will those secrets stay hidden forever? Or will the forces of nature propel those secrets to the surface and out into the light of day where they can shatter the peace of the innocent loved ones living above?

The disappearance of his ex-wife Natalie and the crimes she committed prior to her disappearance, wrought devastation on Drake Connor’s life. Finding himself the prime suspect in her disappearance, Drake survived years of suspicion which destroyed many of his family and work relationships, shook his confidence to the core and altered his faith.

Four years later, just as his life is returning to normal, Drake’s life is upended again when Natalie is finally located. But, finding Natalie does not provide any long-awaited answers; instead, her body, recovered from her car in a remote river in northern Minnesota, generates even more questions. And these questions lead Drake down a path of discovery that threatens everything he once believed about his marriage and the woman he loved.

THOSE WE LOVE and What They Hide is a story that reveals the secrets people keep – even from those that love them. But alongside painful discoveries of deceit, it is also a story of resiliency and a celebration of the kind of love that inspires, even amidst the shadows.