Oh, the joy of libraries!

Libraries serve many purposes but to me above all, they are places filled with adventure.

Growing up, I absolutely loved the trips to the library. There were no boundaries within those walls and time seemed suspended. For me as a kid, pure imagination was allowed to take over in the library.

When I was little, we lived on a farm and my mom would bring us to the library maybe once or twice a month. There was a strict four-book rule. I can’t remember whether it was the library rule or whether it was imposed by my mother who had four children and didn’t want to hunt for library books when it came time to return them. But, either way, I always felt the pressure “to choose”.

Remembering back now it’s nostalgic, but at the time it was torture. All those books – shelves and more shelves – oh, the books that I wouldn’t get a chance to read until the next time we came back to town!

Later we moved to town, and I had the freedom to ride my bike to the library every day if I wanted to. And many summer afternoons I did just that. So many books, so many hours spent reading them!

Fast forward a few years (maybe more than a few…) and now our local libraries stock the books that I’ve written! I am hopeful that these books provide even a portion of the joy to others that I’ve gotten from reading so many books over the years. Coming up in May, I will be able to share with readers about the writing process and the books themselves. It will be an honor and a privilege to share!

Please come enjoy your local library by attending one of the events listed below!

Monday, May 16 at Canby, MN Public Library starting at 6:30.

Tuesday, May 17 at Dawson, MN Public Library starting at 6:30.

Thursday, May 19 at Madison, MN Public Library starting at 6:30

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