Things I DIDN’T think about this morning

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My Monday morning thoughts… do we have any orange juice left? Remember to feed the dog… Did I just throw in a red shirt with those whites in the washer? … and tons of other tedious, mundane thoughts.

Things I DIDN’T think about this morning…where can I park this car so no one will notice I’m sleeping in it at night? Remember to hide the “evidence” so they don’t see that I’ve started using again … how am I going to sober up enough to go visit my kids at my parents’ place?

The life of addiction is painful – exceptionally, deeply and irreversibly – painful to the addict and to everyone who loves the addict. Because every addict is so much more than that label. Every ONE is a mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister. Every ONE is a treasured friend to someone, each is deeply loved by someone else.

My novel FIND YOUR WAY HOME is about the “someone else’s” touched by addiction. In this case, it’s the son of a troubled young mother whose life is driven by her addiction. Yes, it’s a romance, that’s true … but more importantly, it’s a story of Hope.

If you read the novel, you will find reference to an addiction treatment program called MN Adult and Teen Challenge, with centers located in Minneapolis and around Minnesota. It is this program, and the wonderful treasured Ones who are in the program and those who have graduated from it, which inspired much of this story. They are the inspiration for Hope.

I have the deepest admiration for their hard work, their passionate and reverent faith in Jesus Christ and their enduring faith in themselves that, through Him, they can persevere and thrive in their life after addiction. Because I believe so much in their program, and they inspired this story, I am donating a share of the sale proceeds of this book to their program.

So, if you purchase this book, you are coming alongside me on that mission. THANK YOU!! and God Bless-      j. Marie

FIND YOUR WAY HOME, now available on Amazon in Paperback and E-book!

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