Are you ready for harvest?

fall photo

It’s here again. Harvest. For all those that live in farm country, you are well aware. For those who aren’t fortunate to live in or near farm country, I’m sorry, but you are missing out.

The days are long in terms of hours worked, yet they fly by with incredible speed. It seems like its perpetually Monday or Tuesday, because there is no such thing as a weekend.  Those on grocery detail feel like they can never have enough fruit, bread or sandwich meat around, and those in the field feel like they can never get enough water, hot casserole or caffeine.

Harvest is a time when farmers take stock of their work, their investments and their decisions. And, although weather, insects and other blights play a part in the harvest, generally speaking, a farmer’s harvest is determined by his or her decisions, many of them made 10-12 months earlier, while last winter’s snow was still on the ground. It’s a big responsibility, and neither Apple nor Amazon has quite figured out how to make that crystal ball yet.

There is so much more in that corn field than what you can see by driving past it. Ask any farm family, there literally is blood, sweat and tears in that crop. And, a lot of prayers.

This is the life of a farming family, this is the life of harvest. It’s a great life, one that only a limited few are blessed to call their lives. I’m one of the lucky ones.

Have a blessed, and safe, harvest!


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