Happy New Decade!

So we’re closing out 2019 and opening a new decade and one thing I’ve learned is that another new year can be another new beginning. This new year, this new decade – it doesn’t have to be the same as last year or the last decade. It’s called Change and it’s inevitable. Sometimes we make change happen and sometimes it happens to us, but what’s important is how we react to it.

For me, change has filter photo 2020always been a motivator and this new decade looks like a blank canvas, ready to be painted with a fresh, new set of watercolors. Or a blank computer screen ready for the first word to be typed.

I look forward to the change that’s around the corner of 2020 and all the stories this decade will write. I look forward to sharing my stories with you and please feel free to share yours with me!

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade 2020!



ps: the background image shown on my computer is the inspiration for my fourth novel – characters are rumbling around in my head and their story is written up there – more to come over the next few months, thanks for your continued support!

Novels by J. Marie – all available on Amazon:

Find Your Way Home          *            A Promised Place            *        The Forgotten House


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