New! A Promised Place by J. Marie

Available on Amazon now and at The Gift in Canby, MN 11/27/19

Have you ever been promised something but find that – after waiting for a very long time – the promise is going to be broken? Maybe it was a promotion at work, maybe it was a gift of some kind – but somehow, the person who promised you that something – well, they let you down.

Living inside a promise requires us to trust – we need to trust the one who’s promising.

If you are living in the promises of God, you are trusting Him to deliver. And, you know he’s God and he is perfect, and he loves you, so you think his promises are a safe bet – he won’t let you down. The trouble is, sometimes his delivery doesn’t look the way we think it should.

Sometimes trusting God – living in his promises – it’s not easy. And, quite often, what we ask for and think he promised to us are things that we want, not what he knows we need.

The characters in the novel A PROMISED PLACE face many of the same questions we do when it comes to trusting God and living in his promises. I hope you find that their story is one that resonates with you.


Fifty years separate their lives, fifty years separate their stories, but one house and a similar, soul-searching journey unite them.

You may have met Lauryn and Elliott in J. Marie’s first novel Find Your Way Home, but if not, you are sure to become friends with them in this new novel A Promised Place.

Although the story continues where the first novel left off, A Promised Place stands uniquely on its own with its tender story of holding fast to love through the tough times and the search for a deeper faith through the midst of it.

When Lauryn Grant purchases the house at 316 Promise Place in Rivers Bend, Minnesota, she finds an enticing project to add to the list of home renovations featured on her website and in her social media. While she’s aware that the house has an interesting history, she finds the most intriguing story written in a journal that has been hidden in a secret place inside the house for fifty years, just waiting to be discovered.

The journal that she finds tells the story of a simple, small-town man with a past life that doesn’t quite fit the rigid constructs of his present one. Unexpectedly, Lauryn finds his captivating story not only influences how she deals with struggles in her life and with her faith, but it also has the power to change her forever.

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